Alcoy features 1.696.781 m² of land for industrial purposes. This includes six polygons located all around the city.

The industrial park of Cotes Altes is located to the northwest of the city centre with a total area of 117.351 m².

The industrial park of Cotes Baixes is located to the northeast of the city centre with a total area of 536.739,00 m².

The industrial park of Castellar is located to the southwest of the city centre with a total area of 60.570 m².

The area of La Beniata is located to the southeast of the city centre with a total area of 364.906,00 m².

The area of “El Clérigo” is located to the southeast of the city centre with a total area of 172.470 m².

The industrial park Santiago Payá is located to the south of the city centre with a total area of 443.857,93 m²-

In addition, a total area of 620.000 m2 is under development on the following locations:

Industrial park Alcoi Sud, located to the south of the city centre with a total area of 400.000 m².

Pagos industrial estate. A large industrial area of 220.000 m², with a high added value, integrated into the landscape and close to the motorway. It offers perfect access to every facility that business settled there will need.


This large space of more than 12.000 m² will allow Alcoy to be the only Centro de Desarrollo Turístico (Tourist Development Centre) of the inland of the region of Alicante. It will house the Distrito Digital (Digital District) of the Comunitat Valenciana and will hold spaces for the installation of technology business, research departments and entrepreneurs, with 15 houses that will make possible for these entrepreneurs to live on-site temporarily whilst they develop their projects. Moreover, it will comprise a research area and a space for social and cultural revitalisation.

This proposal will transform the space where the old Rodes’ machinery factory used to be into a technological and sociocultural park. A project of great importance, transformative and refreshing that enhances the architectural heritage and that will propel new economic models.


Alcoy has a smart city structure, able to improve its citizens’ quality of life and its environmental surroundings, to decrease the greenhouse gas emissions, and to propel the economy of its citizens, business and public institutions.

We do so by means of an adequate use of the information technologies, development of efficient and effective solutions, and propelling local agents to develop new local industries based on technology.

“Smart City ALCOI”:

Implementation of plans, developments, trial tests and projects focused on the citizens. These start-ups will substantially improve the city from an individual, environmental and financial perspective.

Taking steps towards public-private partnership models in the business ecosystem of the county, by encouraging strategic partnerships and collaboration agreements between the public Administration, institutions and private operators, large companies, entrepreneurs and SME.

“167 tonnes of CO2 have been saved from being emitted into the atmosphere as a result of using renewable energies”

The city features several solar photovoltaic facilities owned by the city itself, both to self-supply and for network connection. They are located in various buildings and industrial parks.

“In 2019, Alcoy’s cycle path length doubled, promoting the use of sustainable transport”

In 2014, the city’s cycle path had a length of 1,3 km. Currently, this length has grown.
In 2019, Alcoy’s cycle path has 9,7 km, thus promoting a healthy and sustainable transport amongst its citizens.

“With projects like Small and Medium Smart Cities, Alcoy improves the quality of life of its citizens and its surroundings.”

StreetLab is an initiative that uses the streets as a Smart lab where new solutions can be tested under real urban conditions.

Entenza street’s conditions are ideal to obtain substantial results because of its length, location and connections to the other neighbourhoods of the city.


LoRaWAN network, a structure of wireless communication that facilitates connection of various technological devices.


Prototype of Chatbot, an AI that reports issues related to the neighbourhood and city to the citizens.


The influx of people and vehicles will be tracked by means of a structure of sensors and cameras and the communication of the touch screens.


Using IoT technology, we find sensors inside buildings and shops to be able to improve the citizens’ living conditions.


Alcoy is the first city of the Comunitat Valenciana to join the project Distrito Digital (Digital District).

The venue of the digital district aims to create a new business network that will increase the employability of qualified personnel, to keep the talent and to enhance competitively and internationalisation of mature business.


The goal of this organisation is to structure, with the help of tourist industry’s representative associations and institutions, a system of training adequate according to the present reality and that will guarantee a level of training suitable from each collective.


The Textile Industry Research Association was built in 1985 and is part of the Network of Technological institutes of the Comunitat Valenciana. AITEX is an organisation engaged in research, which performs characterisation trials and certification of textile materials and articles for a wide range of sectors.

Its objective is to create and transfer knowledge to textile business to help the textile industry become more competitive, therefore opening doors to new opportunities of high added-value factor.

In light of increasing demands, AITEX started building a new venue in Alcoy.


The European Business Innovation Centre was founded in 1988. Its goal was to encourage modernisation and to promote the innovation of Valencian industrial textile through activities and services. The aim is to create innovative business and support the existing ones on their journey.

It promotes entrepreneurship and innovative projects, supporting these business from their beginnings to their market launch.


The purpose of this entity is to improve industrial areas, make them more competitive and attractive for the implementation of new projects and in turn benefit the companies already installed.

Below is available the documentation for the public exhibition of the constitution of the EGM Cotes Baixes.

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